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Why DTS Membership?

After discovering all the detailed info about Dependable Tech Services, you may still be wondering why "you" need a DTS membership? This is a fair question. Considering a few major factors:

1) membership is billed until cancelled

2) you may not need the benefits of membership, or

3) you already have a volunteer/paid technical team; what is a virtual person going to do that they already do?

In this post, I would like to provide some responses to our membership critics. Ultimately, I would to explain the heart behind our membership program and allow you an opportunity to see what our vision for your ministry could be!


DTS exist to serve its clients and community through the membership model but asking "why?" is a great question. Why did we choose a membership model to deliver Technical Services?

Way back at the beginning, the founding members of DTS decided to met together and discuss ongoing work between the group. Each having a rich history of working in multiple church positions in multiple types of denominations and multiple positions, mostly senior positions within the live entertainment industry. This diversity of background, experience and opinion allowed for an incredibly unique yet pointed discussion.

The question the group debated was: how could we improve the relationship between the church technician and the church? This lead to a lively debate about 1) how technicians were treated in the worship environment 2) how technical companies have overpriced and unserved their church clients and 3) how unbelievably vast the need for ready and available event technicians.

The group wrestled to combine these ideas into a business that solved these problems all at once.


The clear issue that they identify was a lack of consistent technical leadership and experience within the church environment. It was easy to identify these characteristics with small to midsize churches that rely on volunteers to perform all of their technical functions but it was also apparent when we examined larger churches that struggle to keep a consistent staff through the ever-evolving payroll demands and technology upgrades.

It seemed to us, that everyone from Church leadership to the Sunday service media technicians and even the very congregants included are frustrated by an inconsistent and honestly lack of technical experience in their worship services.

What seemed to make this experience even worst is with the develop of COVID-19 safety protocols, worship has been pushed to be in whole or part virtual, increasing the technical expertise factor by ten. Overnight, small town churches needed to go virtual and simultaneously compete with churches and organizations with exponentially larger technical budgets.


So here is why membership. Our members use Dependable Tech Services as their very own, on call virtual Technical Director, apart of their church staff. This is the reason why our membership cost less than hiring a full-time Technical Director.

Think of your membership payment as your monthly payroll due to have an on-call Virtual Technical Director for your entire church ministry. Our Technical Director's are highly experienced audio, video and lighting event experts with years of experience in church media operations. Instead of reporting to your physical church as their work location they work from the comfort of home.

Our Technical Director's are trained to act and respond like your church’s Technical Director, if you want us to be. And that’s a big if! That’s why we give you different membership tier options. Higher up tiers add additional virtual technical director benefits to aid with more "active" church operations. Providing a complete "hands-on" approach with our Tier 5 and vice-versa with tier 5 set at "hand-off".


We believe through our tiered membership and a-la-carte services that we have placed the church in complete control of their budget and expectations. No longer does the church have to determine what is fair pricing for fair services. Rather a set scale of pricing would serve the church and help manage an ever inflating technical budget.

In combination with DTS's group of highly capable virtual Technical Director‘s and Onsite Technicians, we are capable of filling all technological and educational gaps within your church worship experience. By establish a formal management and communications process through our membership program our Technical Director is able to gain insight into your technical ministry and begin to formulate an action plan. Within the first 24 hours of virtual meetings you will have action items and schedules outlined within your very own Technical Book for your ministry.

With the higher tiers of membership you can gain access to more time with your Technical Director allowing them to produce more reports, plans, and procedures. Of course in our opinion, the best part of a higher tiered membership is having your very own dedicated virtual Technical Director developing and updating your technical book on a weekly and monthly basis.

Because our clients fully see the benefits of membership, including the overall discount, they combine their membership experience with the vast amount of services offered by Dependable Tech Services. Paired with a Virtual Technical Director the onsite technicians receive guidance and clarity on their role prior to arriving onsite. This gives our technicians an edge over hiring a contractor simply to fulfill a role. Your Technical Director will share not only all of their notes and observations but also the Technical Book. Our Techncian have access to this book and it helps them prepare to be onsite.

Finally, our memberships are designed to flex with your ministries needs. Not only do we provide different pricing tiers but we also allow you to determine what is done with your virtual Technical Director's scheduled time. Many of our churches decided to use their weekly time to strategize and plan for future ministry growth. Others use it as a time to plan and strategize an upcoming service or event. You may not even need to use the time and can assign the time to another team member. The choice is yours as the time is yours. Please note: only in our tier 5 membership do we offer unlimited virtual meetings. This package is designed for a church in need of a full time virtual technical Director.


As much as we think we have solved every problem we unfortunately have not. DTS has incredibly high standards of work and because of this we often reject new business because we do not have a qualified and available technician within an area. This does not mean we cannot help your ministry but rather we need additional time to find qualified and available technicians.

Additionally, we do not advertise our services as cheap. Only our membership have we been able to provide massive savings. The cost of our services represent the current market rate with room for administrative overhead. We price our service to offer the highest quality we can find. To reduce cost with your services you will have to reduce hourly and quantity expectations.

Finally, we do not provide financing. To provide quality services we provide "dependable-payments" to our team. By nature this makes our business cash exchange incredibly quick. As such we anticipate our clients to pay timely and we do not offer financing.


We not only believe that we create a formal relationship with our you through our membership program, but rather our membership program is setup to serve all levels of church technical operations. There isn't a church ministry in the United States of America that couldn't benefit from Dependable Tech Services.

If you are concerned about the fact the membership is billed until cancelled: mark a date on your calendar for 7 days prior to renewal then email your Technical Director and let them know you would like to cancel. They will be happy to process your request and terminate your membership. We anticipate that one day you will not need our service.

If you are concerned that you don't need the benefits of membership: select the first or lowest tier that meets your needs. At tier 1: you receive, discounts, access to help desk and 30-mins a week with your Virtual Technical Director. All of this for $120 for 30 days that is $4 a day. Less than a Starbucks cup of coffee!

If you are concerned that you already have a volunteer/paid technical team; what is a virtual person going to do that they already do? We ask you this? What person couldn't use additional support. Even with tier 1 membership your staff and technical team are granted access to the resources and support of Dependable Tech Services' vast community of live entertainment technicians and engineers with years of experience within worship applications. Consider the membership a "phone-a-friend" fee that allows you to take your church from chaos to peace.


Hopefully, it should be clear by now why your church ministry needs a Dependable Tech Service membership. We have outlined pro and cons to our membership. In our minds: the membership pros certainly outweigh the cons.

Before I close, you should know, this is what we live, eat and breath. We believe that we have a solution that will actually lead to real results within your technical ministry.

But not convinced yet? It’s okay, why don’t you give us 30mins to convince you further. Click the link below to setup your free 30-min consultation today!

Free 30-min Consultation Meeting

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