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A1 - Lead Audio Engineer

Woodbridge, VA, USA

Job Type


About the Role

Engineer position of audio team that is the principal audio engineer primarily responsible for ensuring the incoming audio signals are mixed creatively and with detail and sent out the appropriate audio mixer outputs. They can and should provide leadership and guidance to an audio team and specifically any A2 positions assigned to their audio team.


  • Directly oversee and participate in the preparing (setting up), operation, and storing (breaking down) of the audio equipment.

  • Leadership and management of the assigned audio team.

  • Thorough testing of audio equipment pre-service and/or pre-event

  • Direct operation of the main audio mix console and ensuring signals are mixed creatively and with detail.

  • Interface with additional service, technical, and leadership teams to achieve the best possible audio mix.


  • An associate's or bachelor's degree in a field related to sound technologies.

  • A minimum of 2 years of experience in an audio management role.

  • Demonstrated knowledge of live sound and recording equipment.

  • Proven and proficient communication and customer service skills.

  • Ability to multitask and prioritize assigned tasks.

  • Proficient computer skills with the ability to troubleshoot basic IT problems.

  • A strong ear for sound variants and how to solve.

  • A high technical aptitude.

  • Basic knowledge of music and music composition.

  • Basic knowledge of broadcast audio environment.

About the Company

The Why

Recognizing a growing need in the church audio-visual community a small group of technicians sat down to create an organization driven to solve a problem. From the inception DTS seeks to be brave, think outside of the box and find the exception. That initial group identified a deficit between available and qualified technicians and an incredible demand from church audio-visual ministries for those types of technicians.

The initial idea was to bridge the gap between the technician and the church. The primary focus would be to connect quality technicians to churches that needed dependable technical support. The group recognized a robust and personal training and development program would need to be instituted within the organization in order to assure that churches would be connected to dependable technicians. This training and development program paired with a church technician profile system would allow the organization to match the technician to the church's needs.

If an organization could provide fair pricing and dependable technical assistance, that organization could make the lives on both sides of the coin easier and more fruitful. Thus the idea of the Dependable Tech guarantee. An assurance to the church that the right tech will be delivered for the right price.

How We Got Here

In the last few years, the way we “have done” Church has taken on a new meaning. What used to work in the past is just that, in the past. Technology is changing and evolving faster than money can keep up. Additionally, payroll cost to keep the kind of skilled staff needed to operate this equipment is astronomical. Volunteers are being pushed to take on more roles and Worship Directors and leaders are finding themselves scrambling to find the appropriate technical support in a sea of technical mis-information. Honestly, it has overwhelmed everyone.

DTS seeks to cut out the noise and provide technical support to any church large or small for less than the cost of hiring a full time position. Church administration faces tough choices everyday about where the church capital goes. DTS provides churches with the ability to regulate their financial expenses in their AV department on a monthly basis. This plus out a-la-carte service offering and membership give the financial power to the church.​

Church’s no longer have to choose between the type of service they want over the cost. DTS mix and match pricing allows the church to choose what is right for them and with only 30-day contract commitments the church can reconsider their overall AV budget month-to-month.

Our Vision

Our vision is to see communities wrapped around their churches and then giving back to the community so we aim to help all churches, regardless of size, have the reach they need to fulfill the impact they desire.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide dependable and accountable tech services.

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